Bilt Modern, Spring House, New York

  • ClientBilt Modern, New York
  • Project nameSpring House
  • LocationBethel, NY

    The Spring House is an extraordinary Catskills getaway that’s sure to impress. This stunning home boasts nearly 3000 sqft of living space, along with a luxurious Modpool that’s perfect for relaxing after a long day. Whether you’re looking for a weekend retreat, a co-primary residence, or a full-time year-round home, the Spring House has everything you need to live in comfort and style.

    One of the things that makes the Spring House so unique is its seamless integration with its natural surroundings. We took great care to model the ancient stone ruins and other features of the landscape with painstaking detail, ensuring that the home blends in perfectly with its rustic environment. The result is a modernist masterpiece that’s both stunningly beautiful and wonderfully livable.

Working on the interiors of this project was particularly fascinating, especially the double-height living room ceiling with its corner window walls and the gourmet kitchen, complete with an 8-foot island and high-end appliances. Collaborating with Bilt Modern was a pleasure, and we enjoyed watching our client’s attention to detail and appreciation for the design and architecture.

    We following this work process for all of our renderings, providing three rounds of comments. If additional rounds are required, we can estimate the extra cost.

To start the project, we need:

  • For exterior renderings:
  • 2d drawings in PDF or DWG format,
  • or 3d model in source format;
  • description of facade materials;
  • location (address, Google map link);
  • drone photos or background photos, if available;
  • preferred camera angles;
  • preferred daytime mood (morning, day, evening, sunny, rainy).
  • For interior renderings:
  • 2d drawings in PDF or DWG format,
  • or 3d model in source format;
  • description of design or examples of interior style;
  • location (address, Google link);
  • background photos for window view, if available.
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